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Alain Alvarez


Alain Daniel Alvarez Vega (Mexico, 1989) earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (2013) and one in Classical Philology (2017) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 2019, he graduated with a Master’s degree at the Universities of Strasbourg (UNISTRA), Bologna (UNIBO) and Thessaloniki (AUTH). His current research project explores the interactions of five poets that engaged with Literary criticism in the 20th century: O. Paz, J.L. Borges, M. Yourcenar, T.S. Eliot and G. Seferis. His research interests lie in Comparative literature, Poetics, Literary Theory in a global context and the intersection between Literature and Epistemology from a postcolonial perspective with a focus on Plurilingualism, Literary criticism and Cultural translation.

The working title of his PhD research project is “Poets-Critics: poetological encounters in the 20th century through literary criticism”.