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Annette Steffny


Annette Steffny holds an M.A. in social and cultural anthropology. During her studies in Cologne and İstanbul, her interest in research on contemporary Turkey grew alongside her concern with issues of globalization, nation-building and decolonization, as well as museum and heritage studies and gender studies. Her training in audiovisual methods and her curiosity for participatory approaches inform her involvement in transdisciplinary and socio-cultural projects. Steffny previously worked as a research assistant at the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and the Global South Studies Center, and co-founded the Forum Decolonizing Academia at the University of Cologne.

Within her dissertation project, Steffny investigates recent back-to-the-land initiatives in Turkey associated with ecological awareness and organic food production. Her research focuses on material, discursive and social practices, techniques and infrastructures of disconnecting and reconnecting.


E-Mail: annette.steffny[at]