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Giacomo Paci


Giacomo Paci has studied Philosophy in Milan and Art History in Venice, and spent semesters abroad in Clermont-Ferrand, Oslo and Paris. He mainly studies the presence of narrative elements in the contemporary visual arts. Within the RTG, Paci conducts a PhD research project which explores comparatively the Ausschluss-Anschluss nature of the narrations of a number of contemporary visual artists from Lebanon and Palestine.

The stories told by these artists through video art, drawings, and sculptures all seek a re-interpretation of the recent history of the region and its unresolved identitary issues. Although these counter-narratives partially develop from an Ausschluss – namely, the artists’ extended life experiences abroad, – they employ an Anschluss strategy by reprocessing local collective memory. Specifically, Paci's research focuses on the complex outcomes, both artistic and social, at the intersection of the artists’ distant perspective and their home connections.