Promovierende (DFG-finanziert)

Nils Julian Meiß


Hi, my name is Nils and I’m working on a PhD project in the field of Urban Studies. My research practice is very much inspired by the work of Henri Lefebvre. I’m interested in theoretical and methodological questions concerning the production of space, daily life and urbanization. I use the regressiv-progressiv method and rythmanalysis for engaging with urban practices in the city. I position myself in the field I’m working on/with and conduct diverse empirical data such as ethnographic material. Currently I’m concerned with the question of imaginaries as part of social practice and ways of conceptualizing them. I assume that imaginaries play a highly relevant role in the making of the future.

I studied Human Geography and Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany and graduated as Master of Arts. I wrote my master thesis on „urban villages“ in Shenzhen, PRC. I’ve already worked in different academic positions at University of Cologne and RWTH Aachen University.

Since October 2022, Agnes Stillger and I are speaker of the doctoral fellows of the RTG.